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Senin, 18 April 2011

Puisi Cinta Suamiku 2

ini puisi kedua dari suuamiku.....sebenernya ngasihnya bareng sama puisi cinta yang pertama (liat Puisi Cinta Suamiku (1)), orang kertasnya bolak yang ini dia pake bahasa inggris.....yang mau tau, ni puisinya......tapi gak ada juduulnya...

what i get is more
more than i ever need
planting a seed
collecting a garden

a big step is all i've to do
to wach the sky without limit
no man can fly without a wing
a wing has come to help me fly

some years, has pass away
bringing some tears, facing the fear
no storm or wind can take me down
heading forward to promise loud

i look around to fiind higher groud
still can not see, what blocked my mind
my mighty God, please help me fly
to follow your lead to brighter sun

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